[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


https://www.thetoptens.com/worst-video-game-developers/ :wink::slightly_smiling_face: Also the most greedy!


We are always improving our games with new content, learning on mistakes we’ve made in the past and ALWAYS listening to your feedback and requests.


What? This game with all of those great additions is 79,99 $ worth!


It will be 999$ full price+100$ for more DLC’s.


Now now, don’t get your hopes up, the base game will be free without anything that was mentioned above as a DLC, so you get few planets to explore, limited energy bar and limited supply of weapons, the premium edition purchasable for 49,99 USD will not include anything else other then saving system and a ability to buy DLCs mentioned above. It’ll be that way because we’re greedy, low on budget and desperate.


Since we’re getting some negative and offensive comments from certain users… @Nikito for example, we decided to share with you our version of spaceship customization and we decided to make it one whole expansion pack with all the colors and textures included, so you don’t have to buy each texture and color separately, we lost some budget because of your complaints about our prices, but here ya go! That proves how much we care about our fans. (you’ll still need to buy all of the other DLCs :wink:)


This is a nightmare i can hardly wake up. Even if you buy it and take the control ok, go ruined it, i will done with this game and with the forum after this happened.


please somebody tell me is this a joke


Stop spreading hate! It will not be tolerated, our company is working hard to make this game the best it can get.
(everything is joke here, how do some people don’t get it, it’s unbelievable :slight_smile:)


I will spreading hate how much i want!


Very well then, but don’t forget to tell your friends about our amazing games like Battlefield and FIFA!




Joke by IA maybe? Also: but some people thinG it’s real. Before making games, some companies need to know how to write. My english is bad ok, but i am not game company, just saying!


We’re sorry, our english may be bad because we hired a bad community managers to take over our accounts, we promise we’ll consider firing them and hiring new ones. Thank you for your support customer!


I almost feel into a coma because of this. Really? This sin’t a funny joke at all. You have made some people very angry, in fact, which I believe you have realized. Is 17th January, not 1st April.


I’m gonna say that this was pretty annoying from your side. That wasn’t funny at all.


Look at the profile description of @Electronic_Arts.


Plus, you’re trying to impersonate EA. And i believe, that’s …not good.


Are you guys trying to say that you didn’t immediately realise that this is a shitpost?


Yes. Now can you please not laugh at us? I don’t think anything bad happens if you don’t…