[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


There will not be CI2 bosses in the game, iA didn’t let us remaster them. We’ll add completely new bosses like “The Greedy-mother ship”, “Mysterious coin”, “The Greed”… etc.


The Greederprise, Its a Bird its a Money, Master Greedier, The Greedy Shef, The Alien Money-ship will be in the game?


Yes some existing bosses will recieve their alternative EA form, so you’ll have your typical bosses IA made, you’ll also have our versions of them like The Coin star, It’s a bird, it’a coin you mentioned, The Greedy masterchef, The mighty Greedyprice… etc. We’ll post more details soon.

Edit: Some of the iA bosses will not be in the game because of copyright issues.




Thank you.:smiley::smiley::smiley:


We just captured a supernova in our Greedy way galaxy! We can’t wait till you see more events you’ll be experiencing in our EA universe!


THIS is beautiful!


Where is the premium currency?


No premium currency, only premium items and DLCs which you pay for with your cash-filled wallets. :smiling_imp:


*Consumer funds. Please stay official PR team.


STOP WITH THESE WARNINGS, OKAY? You told that this is a joke so one joke is literally enough. :expressionless:


You just stepped into the EA s territory! This is all shitposting about new CI game if it was made by EA. Which is definitely real without a doubt.


Okay, i hate to bump old topics but you, sir/madam, stop mocking the real EA. :angry:


They continue doing it because some of us like these jo- err,I mean,totally real stuffs


But i don’t like making fun of/mocking others, or seeing other people doing these things. Seeing them doing that makes me see stars.


calm down buddy lmao,
this is the totally real EA and we gotta respect them :sunglasses:


Well, they ruined PvZ2, so they won’t get any respect.
Oh, and also for them: Top 10 Worst Video Game Developers - TheTopTens®


ok lmao, also it’s your fault for reviving this topic too :stuck_out_tongue:


So, it’s double fault. :expressionless:


That blogpost is totally fake, we were never the worst company in the world! So stop with that or you’ll get banned outta here!