[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Okay buddy, calm down and drop your utensil to ground. No one needs to get hurt. Just drop it.


Should EA leave this forum because he is fake?

  • No
  • Yesn’t

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You can’t make us leave! Even iA likes us so joke’s on you :smiling_imp:


Trick poll.The answer rigged right from the start. :laughing::sweat_smile:




get out the forum !


no usymbols


Advance through the game with the brand new achievements! Collect them all and unlock new features! (not a joke)


This is actually not bad!


Glad you like it! There are also premium achievements which you must pay for to complete.


THX, i can’t play


I downloaded crack but i got this


Nobody will crack this game! :smiling_imp:


This looking good.But what is the reward for completion of these reward.




I like discounts but will it be for weapon purchases or for planet missions.


This is a joke, like EA always want some money, so if you complete some achievements they could give you 0.719‰ discount for DLC. But if we think about real game, there could be several types of discounts sorted by classes of items(Weapons, For hardpoints, Ships etc). If you want to use it you need to apply discount during trade. You can refuse to use it if you want so discount will be with you until you use it. You can stack them up to 3-5. For example there are 3 discounts: 10%, 15% and 13%. When you want to buy something you can stack them to 38% or only 2 of them if you want.


I am aware but thanks though.:smiley::smiley::smiley:


WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY DISCOUNTS!? We’d never do such a horrible decision! You get absolutely nothing for completing them. But we may add it as a paid dlc.


hey EA can you make the ci2 bosses be paid dlcs