[Joke topic] EA's involvement in Chicken invaders


Yeah. Once again,it doesn’t even say it’s a joke. So who would know?


Well i hope EA is not gonna work with Chicken Invaders franchise cause CI is still kicking ass and i don’t want to be ruined by EA


Stop insulting our company! You’ll get banned outta here boi!


Eggy boi


Ok go ahead i just want to say i don’t want to be ruined it’s really good and you are gonna ruined by adding dlcs or some bullshit


I’m beginning to wish that threads would get automatically locked after an extended period of inactivity.

I prefer my necromancy to be left on the Audio Portal, not in necroposts on long forgotten forum threads.



It’s fake EA lol. A lot of people joked about IA —> EA. The force is strong with this one, so he created joke-topic.


Well i hope why would they add boi word they are “Serious” company


Because boi. Just boi.


This post just got popula again! Thanks recruits! We’ll buy the licence back for 1.4 billion dollars so we can develop some neat and overpriced expansion packs!


Waiting DIsney Company


They don’t have the money we have to buy CI licence.


Man stop fooling around we know you are fake :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:


Fake? Who?


We get paid for developing games, what do you mean by get a life? Also STOP BEEING RUDE BOI!


Well why on the internet isn’t annouced that u would buy interaction studios and i don’t hate you just pls get the hell out of here you are just trolling i know


It’s supposed to be just a joke and nothing else. No need to get so serious about it.


I know


…Beſides which, he’s only replying to your meſſages.

EDIT: “Your” refers to necagamer234, in caſe that iſn’t clear.


Thanks to SuperKido this topic somehow is reborn.