It's so hard to find wormhole

Can you help me to find wormhole because I always find sun planets and other help me

When players is on wormhole,
Get in the wormhole then it will be easy to find wormhole.
When player is not in wormhole,
Get others constellation and you can see a player is on wormhole.

Wrong, an update has hidden player locations if they are close (have orbited) to a wormhole that you haven’t explored yet.

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But if you have a contact at a wormhole,and click locate,it would take you to the location.
There should be a message saying:“Sorry,our hyperspace relays have trouble with the location of this recruit” or something along those lines.

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Not necessary, because the person in the wormhole has the right to accept or refuse contacting from other players, and can choose players they want to send Contact invitation to. Also, exploration is not meant to be competitive between players.

No,I’m talking exclusively about the locate function.Wormholes should remain a “find for yourself” thing,because some things have to remain endgame.

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