Items explaining

So i was playing chicken invaders universe today and was checking the new items, and i cant even explain how frustrated i was. I COULD’NT UNDERSTAND A THING, its not well explained like i bought proton proton chain reaction and i see nothing diffrent (yes i put it on). SO PLEASE CAN YOU ADD A SITE THERE IT EXPLAINES WHAT EVERYTHING DOES?

Did you read the Hints?

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Not all of em explaines well.
thats what i meant.
anyways thanks for the reply.

If you see nothing different,then maybe look at the stats and compare them to your previous reactor?

How things work: Proton-Proton Chain Reactor and other reactors provide powers for your spacecraft, in kW:

Take the second number in the image, for example, this provides 3,050 kW. Other items consume power, for example:

  • Neutron Gun level 8: -485 kW
  • Electrostatic Ion Thruster level 0: -515 kW
  • Copper Heat Sink level 2: -201 kW
  • Total consumed: -1201 kW (items that do not have this stat, for example special weapons, do not count)

In the image above:

  • Reactor produced from Plutonium Reactor is +1298 kW (less then Proton-Proton Chain Reactor)
  • Total reactor power consumed is -1201 kW, less than 1298 kW so it’s valid.
  • If any upgrade to an item mounted on the spacecraft would make reactor consumed exceed (higher than) the reactor produced, you will not be allowed to upgrade even with enough keys.