Item Highlight Bug

The title should tell you what it is. When you are in the shop, some items will be highlighted in your inventory if you have them, while others don’t even though you have them too.

The inventory ſhould alſo be ſorted, and things ſhould always combine (i.e. buy two barbecuers and they’ll only ſhow up once in the liſt).

EDIT: Alſo, ſhouldn’t this be claſſified as a bug? Oh, wait, I gueſs that’d be early acceſs.

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Game probably thinks upgraded items are not the same as the unupgraded items found in shop.


Correct. It will only highlight existing inventory that has the same upgrade level as a new item (namely, zero).

This is also the reason why weapons/satellites don’t combine (because each one can be upgraded individually).

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Would it be poſſible to ſort the inventory, at leaſt?

Yes, I’ve put it on the list.

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So Im guessing the highlight isnt a bug then? I mean If I own an Ion blaster and want to get all weapons, I might accidentally buy another one. It’s wierd the way I see it.

It’s poor behaviour, but not a bug per se. One possibility is to make the “owned equipment” list only show equipment of the same type as selected on the left. But then you won’t have an overview of your total equipment, and it won’t be easy to select an owned item to upgrade it. Splitting this screen into “buying”, “upgrading”, and “selling” would alleviate some of these problems (while creating others).

I’m open to suggestions.

Maybe shop items should have a checkmark or checkmark with a number. It would be small and you could quickly see if you own and how many of the item.

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