It has been 4 years

Well it has been 4 years since i have last went to this forum since back in the beta days and i have to say the game has improved a bit but not by an insane amount since i have last played the beta in 2019

First the multiplayer is finally made (albeit i for some reason i can play with almost any one but me and my friend can’t join each other while we can join anyone else)

The game seems to run quite well (only crashed when trying to fix the multiplayer problems)

Weirdly enough i though the players would be much more spread out now but they are still mostly around the bottom right corner of the universe

Lastly what happened to the rest of the games?

They all disappeared off the google play store


Welcome back!

Btw read this

You and you friend seem to have different NAT options, which prevents playing together.

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the game doesn’t display every single player there is, only the ones in the area around you

Simply said: Google just being Google, unfairly terminate iA’s account for no reason. Once iA had sent an appeal about that, but it got rejected and the game being lost on GG Play forever.

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There is indeed a non-uniform distribution of players around the galaxy, with the player density at the bottom-right being much higher.

I don’t know what is causing this. During galaxy generation, I took great care in making the density of stars/planets exactly the same across the galaxy. And during player spawning I deliberately select the most sparsely-populated region to keep things balanced.

Of course, there could be a bug in the spawning code. I’ll make a note to double-check it when I get the chance.


Tried fixing the nat problems with port forwarding which changed it from a restricted port to an open port but now it is back to restricted even though i didn’t change anything

While for some reason i can’t use port forwarding on my friend’s router so he is stuck with a restricted cone

now we can join each other but when we do ,the one joining can’t move and gets a red plug icon then disconnects

Is there a way to fix it?

woah, time passes quickly, it felt like 2019 was 2 years ago

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Newcomers should be spawned on where there’s a lot of easy mission
  • Should
  • Shouldn’t
  • Already had

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This already happens if your definition of “a lot” is “at least two”.


Go to DHCP clients list, copy your PC or mobile’s MAC address. Now go to DHCP Address reservation, add a new one, paste your MAC address and set the ip to a static one. If your router is accessed by, set your ip to or anything else. Please note that if there something else instead of the zero after 168, type that number. ( for example)

Now, go to port forwading, and port forward on the ip that you have fixed. OR you can set your PC / Phone as a DMZ host to open every port.

Fixed in v.137 :medal_sports: Bug


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