Issue Loading up

Why does it do this for me? Whenever I start the game it shows a small white blank screen and it takes a long time to load, and sometimes I will get an error screen saying something about 32x can’t load. But it used to load instantly a lot before, is this happening to anyone else?

That doesn’t happening to me

Try turning off full screen through configuration file CIU.cfg in your save folder C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\60. Should theoretically help to start the game.

The upcoming v.61 should help with this. Please test again and report back.


What do I do now that I’m in the file?

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It’s still happening.

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That’s because v61 isn’t out yet

Yes I know I was testing it like they asked though.

They mean that you’ll need to test this on v61.1, when the link comes available.

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Alrighty sounds good

Now it runs!

I just got similar error with newest update (61,1)
Unable to launch game at all. Also- there is no ini file in game catalogue. And the only ini-like content in files looks like:


Download then v61.2.

There’s another one in ProgramData

The problem has been solved! Thanks everyone!