Is this driving speed right?

Is the red spaceship using any cheat or something?
wtf is this (1)

He’s probably using Maneuvering Jets, which speeds up the ship.


Can’t you make the screen wider?

I also use Maneuvering Jets sometimes and I don’t gain so much speed…
That’s why I asked lol

Use 10 Maneuvering Jets within a mission and the speed boost will be very noticeable.


Engine, ship rarity and amount of jets all matter. Oh, and the type of bx used. Cheaper models are faster(I can’t tell which one was used here because of how small the gif is, sorry).

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Really? How did I not know this before? hahahaha
I have tried this out and its true. thx


my bx7 is legendary

Who asked

hahahaahahah lol all this about me

wtf is this (1)

this his video

evidently :roll_eyes::smirk:

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