Is this an error?

I just flew to the galaxy and saw 2 suns in the same galaxy??? coordinates are 377+926

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They’re binary suns, which is basically twin suns, so there’s no error



This is a normal galaxy with 2 suns and it’s rare thing in the game.

No it isn’t, in fact, it is simulating one of cosmetic phenomenons



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Sun are stars, sir.

I wasn’t replying to you

Then who? Also your reply window didn’t show who you were replying to.

I wonder why you quote this, kinda off-topic?

Ironically your reply makes his reply even more in-topic, if you can say it like that.

If the game explicitly tells the player that this is a Binary Sun system, how could a player even think about two suns being an error? The only way would be not reading anything on the screen.


From 2 years you can find 2 suns on many solar system on the game but now it very rare

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