Is this a bug or am I stupid? (edit: yes I'm stupid)

hey! I came back to this game after a few months of inactivity and noticed that my in-game name is displayed as “:lock::lock::lock:” instead of “yot”. My callsign also shows “:lock::lock::lock:”, but when I press it to change my name it displays “yot” again…

I don’t see any other players besides me with locks for a name which leads me to believe this might be a bug…
why “might” and not “definitely, absolutely, 101% all the way”? well I noticed that the chicken hunting license is finally a thing, so… is it’s supposed to be a premium feature and it’s not a bug? idk…
anyone can confirm if this is a bug or a premium feature?

no touchy:

after tapping:

have you enabled anonymous mode?
if yes just disable it and relogin


oh I didn’t even think of this :sweat_smile:
thanks for the quick reply! you earned your like

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oh wow it even says it replaces your name with locks :rofl:
well that’s a new low for me :P

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