Is the Hero male by canon?

Just found it curious, that the Hero is never referred to as the Heroine instead. Does it imply the Hero is male by canon?


Did you just say male by image ?


snicker okay that got me laughing. nice.

you do know what “canon” means right? like it’s recognized as genuine by the people.


It has never shown any reference of he or she, as it also never cared to anyone. For all we know, it can be an apache helicopter inside the ship, or even the hero is the ship itself.

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LOL, very true! :joy:

oh boy, now I’m imagining the Hero saying “I identify as an attack helicopter.”

thanks for putting that image in my head i guess :rofl:


Isn’t the narrator the ship?

Narrator speaking with himself sounds out of place.

I’ve always thought the narrator is the AI in the ship.

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Plot twist, narrator isn’t AI, it’s iA.


Nice wordplay :ok_hand:
I myself don’t know the answer, though. When I was little, I just assumed the hero was a man, but it’s never clarified in the games.
New CI6 content? /s

I also think the Hero is just the guy in the ship eating as much chicken as possible. I feel like the Narrator is just out of the world, like Stanley Parable, not a character in-game.

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The hero’s gender is left unspecified.

Incidentally, “heroine” has the unfortunate consequence of being easily conflated with “heroin”. That’s why e.g. you’ll never see Ms. Piggly referred to as “heroine” in the game.


Ah, okay! Thanks for the info, iA.

And also, yeah that was what I initially thought about the Heroine name haha

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The hero, regardless of gender would be pretty fat since he/she orders a lot of chicken based food items.

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More chicken does not neceſſarily imply more body fat; I mean, if you do a lot of phyſical work, that protein ſtarts to ſound mighty nice, and you’re likely to gain weight only in muſcle maſs.

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Pollotarian diet, then?

(chicken-only, I think that’s what it means.)

He’d be pretty thin,since he hasn’t eaten for five games now.
Also,judging from speech patterns, it’s a guy.Probably.

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Given that ſpeech patterns vary more between ſocial groups then between ſexes, I’d ſay this iſn’t that reliäble.
Actuälly, I’d gueſs that the only reaſon you can tell a man from a woman from the ſpeech patterns is becauſe men and women in many ſocial groups tend to hang out with people of the ſame ſex, beſides which women tend to pick up their ſpeech patterns from their female friends, and men tend to pick up their ſpeech patterns from their male friends, although this is by no means univerſal.


I see .

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