Is the game getting weird?

I was playing when the game constantly telling me “Other side closed connection”
Can someone help me?

Might be server maintenance. I also had this issue. My advice would be to hold off until tomorrow.

We will see

The server has been consistently up for the last few days.

Two possibilities:

  1. The network connection between your location and the server is bad.

  2. You are cheating :slight_smile:

  1. He/she ended the season and then clicked “save the world” again too quickly
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The last time I check, the network connection is still normal and I ain’t cheating at all. Also, I wasn’t ended the session and click ‘Save the world’ again too quickly

Buddy, the concept of this game series has ALWAYS been weird. That’s part of the fun.
But if the game’s having a problem with the connection, InterAction should be able to fix it up.

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He wasnt reffering to that. Just the connection problem he needs help from IA, since its not a server issue or a CHEAT.


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