Is the chicken halal?

If the chicken is not halal i will have to quit.



Ok I have to search up what it mean. I do know what it means now. It just reminds me of this meme

Also what do you mean by “quitting”?

these aren’t pigs you kill

so there’s no lard to spill

these are chicken

that you have eaten

and if it aint actually halal

the red herring/vegetarian shall allow


Or perhaps, they mean if it’s Halal to collect food falling from chickens in Ramadan?

Well, you’re not eating the food in real life, if it’s making you feel hungry, just play it after breakfast.

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Or, how it’s slaughtered, well it’s still a game and alien chickens are (may) not real. And if they’re, shooting them with nuclear and annihilating weapons will not turn them into edible food and burgers.

Anyways, this is a virtual comedic game, and not something you’ll physically get.


Its not. That’s why u sell it instead of eating it, it goes into your spacecraft’s built in refrigerator :grin:


I’m amused that this is actually an issue, but I can see why it’s important.

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No. is halal (حلال)