Is something wrong?

Okay, so I was trying to connect to the game, when, THIS shows up.


In case if SOMETHING is actually wrong, by any means is the sever down, or am I doing something wrong? (I swear I have internet connection the time this happened)

Been having the same problem as well. Strange…

I am having the same thing too…Is there going to be a new version or is it just a strange thing?

Server is offline I guess

Still the same problem here, but it says that the servers are working fine…

Baſically the ſervers went down but IA is currently getting a good night’s reſt…I don’t envy him the naſty ſurpriſe when he find out they’re down.

Server is back up. Looking into crash.

Note: Today’s Space Race will be generated once crash is fixed.

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