Is it allowed to stream CIU live on Twitch?

Of course, with [EARLY ACCESS] in the title. Sadly it’s not added to the game list yet, but guess I’d put CI5 as a placeholder for the time being.

Sure. What do you mean “not on the game list yet”? Does twitch have “a recognized games list”?


well, when you’re setting up your stream title, you can select which game you’re playing so twitch can categorise your stream (so that people who are interested in that game can search for it and find your stream etc., you get it i guess)
however, twitch doesn’t let you write anything for a game, i guess it has its own list of games where you can choose from. and CIU is not on this list as of last time i checked (august i think), probably because it’s still in early access, or simply has just not been recognised by whoever adds games to this list


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