Is interaction interactive?

and why all ideas i suggested it not have one reply from interaction

you are not alone

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Yes, the developer is very interactive with players, and many improvements and bug fix suggeestions are suggested by players, which iA approves. The good part of being in a small community is that it’s much easier to chat with the developer, and much easier for them to listen to us as well. Brand new ideas and mechanics are harder for iA though, but I’m glad that the developer listens to players a lot, this game is not ruined and loses potential like so many games out there.

iA won’t reply or drop likes to idea posts, unless he 100% approved it. He used to do this in August - December 2018, the first days of the forum before CIU is released to look for ideas, but now he doesn’t do that so that players don’t look at it and say “So this MUST be in the game” and become disappointed later, usually for technical reasons that ideas don’t make it.


yes. but where i suggest my suggests?

In Early Access topic:

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he’s not an AI to answer all your suggestions right after you post it


To be more precise, it’s unfortunately more likely than not to get no response.

There hasn’t really been anything new for a long time now, save for multiplayer. Mostly smaller changes.

This hurts to read. I’m sorry if this will sound rude, but ciu absolutely has wasted potential. Travelling sucks, food serves as nothing but another way of getting keys which is just boring, competitive missions are grindy af, balancing could be so much better despite all the changes to weapons that have been done. There’s a lot of issues and so many things that could(and should) be different. If anything, ciu is the opposite of the way you depicted it. Game with so much potential, yet it feels like not much of it was used properly.

Well he hasn’t liked anything whatsoever in the past several months. No idea posts, anyways.


Judging anything based on its actual potential, instead of what it already has, isn’t fair. This game has two major parts: galaxy exploration and missions.

In my opinion the most unique and major content is waves (to help with missions), which we have hundreds of them, definitely a lot of content. But for online players that play for hundreds or thousands of hours, it eventually becomes repetitive no matter how many ideas for waves added in. Galaxy: you can spend only a week to go through the entirety of them if you really want to. CIU is one of the “easier” online games that you don’t need years of your life to grind or master, but it has an opposite drawback of being too short.

Food: Players have suggested a store to buy stuff for food, but if normal items can be bought for food, and can also be bought for keys, they are still basically the same. If players want food to be more useful they need to think of a fresh feature that only food can unlock (the game is designed with the spirit of previous games, so food being traded for keys, then use keys to buy items).

It’s iA choice to decide whether to add in ideas or not, but if the developer interacts at all to an idea, it may cause a false expectation to other players, spreading false news that something might be added in the game, but there’s a risk of a good idea being never added for technical difficulties (if iA says that directly to the idea, it will be even more disappointing, so no response is the better option).

For a first attempt at a full online MMO by a one-man show, you are being too harsh. This game is better than average online games I play, which takes too much time of my life and are usually pay-to-win. Highly recommend this for casual players.

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Waves are hardly important when everything else in the game needs lots of improvements.
Also the waves are nearly all mostly recycled from the episodes. It’s nothing new or unique.

That’s not the problem here though. The problem is that there’s literally nothing exciting about exploring. Also travelling is flawed in general. You gain more keys than you use for travelling on your first exploration, but all subsequent trips are hella expensive, so you’re absolutely bricked if you didn’t look for stuff like legendaries right away. Doesn’t help that the game is designed in a way to make sure there is absolutely no need to explore anything even tho the game is supposed to be centered around the universe.

That’s literally not designed with the spirit of previous games…
Also people did suggest changes. For example, instead of buying all the superweapons you want, you choose the one you want to bring to the mission and then you get it by obtaining food during the mission. That would be more in the spirit of the previous games.

Yes, but it’s sort of an issue when there’s hardly any new content, like, ever.

That’s ironic because I know of a certain friend who played casually and was disappointed with the game thanks to it having horrible progression, and absolutely no incentive to play unless you do it competitively.
In general, there are many people who also think the game is wasted potential. Some are just less vocal about it here.
And I’m not saying this because I hate the game. It’s because I love the franchise, and I really, really wish ciu would improve for the better because I really do see potential in it.


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