Is CI wiki dead?

Is CI wiki really dead? I checked the wiki a lot and I dont see any new update


Didn’t it get updated recently with the new boss?

no, its still the same at the first time i found it

This one:


but the wiki still need a lot of updates

coward chicken, toxic chicken and slob god?
All have not stated

Dude, is it so hard to open up the chickens page and scroll down to the CIU section?

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ci wiki need update, honestly

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What’s outdated there?

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Can’t you update it yourself? I mean, it is literally a wiki site. I don’t know if it has any protection from guests, but I think you can create an account there and then start submitting updates.


Yeah, doing that is possible

can you show me where is the game asset file? i cant find it

It’s actually dat file (on CI4 and 5, it’s called h3qx [I can’t remember the exact name]), on there you find some sprites and images and so on.


On C:\Program Files (x86)\ChickenInvadersUniverse

and how they get the texture from ciu?

you mean CIU.dat.hq2x? i cant open it

Yes, I meant that file.

i cant open it

i use 7zip and it doesnt work