Is Chicken Invaders Star Wars Based?

Because the title of CI3 is Revenge Of The Yolk (ROTY for short) is much likely Episode III: Revenge of the sith. In CI4, in a cutscene the egg cannon shoots an egg at the Death Star.In CI5 Henterprise theme, there is a part when the game plays Imperial march

I think it’s more of a pop-culture reference, although it’s prevalent enough throughout the game where you could almost call it a parody.

There are also a number of Star Trek references (such as the Henterprise itself, as well as a particularly amusing cutscene in CI3).

I think to say it is “based” on Star Wars isn’t really accurate because it’s not really inspired by or trying to do the same sort of thing. It would be fair to say it is “based” on Space Invaders because that was an obvious inspiration of the games and their formula - but Star Wars is simply a sci-fi series that finds it’s way into a great many of the gags because it shares the same setting (space) and is a particularly well-known franchise that is easy to spoof.

That said, my avatar is doing nothing to help the issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s not star wars based, it’s space invaders based
there are just a ton of star wars references laying around because probably that’s one space-related thing that iA thought most people would get a reference of
e.g. the star wars theme in ci3, hen solo, ci5 title etc
star trek seems to be more minor just like all the other pop culture stuff (proverbs and sayings referenced by chapter/level titles for example)


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