Iron Barrier Durability Indicator

It would be good if the most durable barriers in “Shoot the Core!” from CI4 had a durability indicator like this:

Iron Barrier

I wish IA see my Idea, like it and apply it to game. :smile:


I personally think that it was fine before. Don’t they also have lights that would change from Green to Red depending on how much it was damaged?


The apple barriers do have LED indicators but they are seperate sprite

Actually yes, but if it was like this, it would be clearer and consistent with others.

It’s still fine how it is. It’s not necessary. I personally think that such a re-sprite is unwarranted.

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The gun barriers are rarely used so it’s not worth making it.

cool idea the attacks are 3 lasers not 1 like in “shoot The core” boss?

Honestly, I’m pretty sure with the bullets depending in higher difficulties like not that pretty much compared to the boss we already had it between without it’s possible or otherwise that it would be an great choice to pick the rest to appear the lasers which i’d rather how the lasers that would be at slowly difficulties then highly difficulties with more lasers (not 5 or 6 just the 3 that you already talking about it) it’s just feels on it, tho.

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Already suggested by me

dadash. not added?

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