Internet Chicken Boss

So to be real i can’t really make it with photo shop tho
i know and i can tell u how i think it should look like
the Abilitys of it should be that he can shoot memes summon like a chara knife in his hand and get the stuff that chara or sans it can be random characters from other internet games or other stuff and that he has a pc and a gaming chair and he sits on it and watches us while hes playing Chicken Invaders tho trought the pc when hes on 50% of his hp he can control the game with his pc i mean like he can summon meteors and chickens and alot of diffrent things from the game and Internet tho his final move will be like a giant ray of memes, reddit, youtube, google and lots of more webs like twitch and stuff and forgot to say that it should add small Chickens of Communities like Gaming, Anime, Memes, Youtuber, Viewers and lots more so tell me what i should thing about adding to this topic in the comments and if i think it’s a good idea ill add it here ok now ill put the tab to add it in thnx to Pidgey ive notice if there is copyright they can take those out with copyright cuz there are Alot of memes that aren’t Copyright shielded so it’s good also they can as youtubers i mean ppl sitting in chairs with like stuff that youtubers have over 100k to 10m subs and some gaming headphones and pc’s and the anime chicken how anime ppl dress and that and the memes will be chicken invader memes so there can’t be copyright claimed [ ]

ah yes copyright

Why on Earth would anyone want to reference that godforsaken site in any piece of media

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cuz it’s stupit :slight_smile:

We already have Sans Undertale in CIU.

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