Interaction Youtube Channel

IA’s youtube channel has been on youtube since 2009… yet it still is pretty bare bones.
It doesn’t even have a channel icon!
I think IA needs to give it some more attention. Considering it is pretty hidden in my opinion, when the game launches it should get some rework. It isn’t even listed as part of social media on the website!
An icon, a banner and some information, perhaps some links to and from the website would go a long way to make it more official.
And I understand if you’re busy with the game. It’s just something that I hope gets changed sometime :smile:


Agreed, it’s pretty bland right now.

I told them once and they didnt responce. Then i ask IA support team and i got an answer: Hi,
Thanks for your suggestion! Our hands are full right now…

Ah I see, so they are quite busy.

Its sad that they use the channel only for trailers and teasers. I suggested some videos like ‘‘behind the scenes’’, about making the game and what else. Its good that there is a video about review of the company on greek language, by on guy from the company.


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