Indicate if reached top 10 for a mission

When you select a mission it shows the top scores that have been achieved. However there is no indication on the mission completion screen if you have got a top score (you need to go back into the mission and see if your on the list.) Would be good if there was an indicator on the mission completion screen if you are in the top 10 for that mission. (Possibly an icon with the position number just in front of the final score (Sorry, can’t upload an image as I’m a new member))

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The results are all stored and only released when the mission expires.

If the results were given away like that, it would not have any suspense whatsoever.

Results for Daily missions etc. are released when they expire and your right, in these cases it wouldn’t make sense. I am talking about completing missions associated with a planet, top 10 results for missions associated with a planet are available immediately.


I mean, you could just check the mission top 10, but I guess that wouldn’t hurt.

Adding top 10 to results screen could work

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