Increase the annoying for Frozen Enviroment

Hi, it’s a long time i haven’t posted any idea, right? So this topic i want to tell you about ‘Frozen’ enviroment in CIU nowaday.

  1. The reason why am i do this topic:
    Let’s talk about Frozen in CIU at the moment. So how is it work? In a mission have Frozen, there will be a fog from the screen edge, and it’ll cover the screen over the time slowly, but in won’t cover the area where your spaceship stand. It also helps you get -15% overheat too. To clean the fog, you just move around your screen and you can see all again.

    Yes yes, all of we know this. As you can see, not only Frozen has nothing to annoy you, but also let you kill the enemies longer (because of -15% overheat)
    And that why i make this topic - let the frozen environment more annoying and hard like other enviroments.

  2. My suggestion:
    Note: This is my opinion, if you have something to say (like a better suggestion,…), you can tell me here.

To increase the annoying for Frozen, here is my idea:

  • The fog now cover the screen faster. Maybe if you don’t move your spaceship in 10s, you may can’t see your spaceship (that time the screen was covered completely). Move your spaceship for a little will help you to see again your spaceship
  • Like i said before, you can move around the screen easily to see all in the screen again. Now you won’t clean the fog like that anymore. The fog will be cleaned with depending on your spaceship’s hitbox, instead of the area around your spaceship

(i can’t make an image better, sorry everyone)

  1. Some changes with involving to my suggestion:
  • This maybe cause you harder to see the enemies (worse is their bullets). So i decided to add this new action: When you do the damage to the enemies (include Barriers), the place where the bullets/lasers (by your weapon) hit the enemies will clean the fog.
  • You can also clean the fog by using Satelittle (except Microgun) and Special Weapon (except DPO and DA). They will clean the fog with depending on their damage range (yes maybe there will have some weapon that can clean the fog by an area). Especially, all the fog on your screen will be cleaned fully if you: Using ICBM, Mine or Missle; or defeating a Boss.
  • Since VF family is the spacecrafts that can against Frozen enviroment. In my idea, those spaceship can’t prevent the fog for covering the screen, but it will have a larger field of vision (of course the fog can’t cover the area around a VF spaceship) and you can clean the fog easier.

END: And that’s my idea about the frozen enviroment. If you have something to ask or comment, please tell me here. Thanks you!


Eh IDK, this might be too hard for some missions.


What do hot environments even do again?

That’s why i added the new action in Frozen: Clean the fog by attacking the enemies

Faster overheat is enough (i guess).

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What about a small buff for Nuclear weapons (eg: Plasma Riffle)?

What’s your mean about this?

Good idea, VF-56 which used to be an useless ship (because only have the 10 fp limit, and the resistances are useless) is now more worth to buy and use

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Nuclear weapon is kind of heat throwing weapon, so what I wanna say here: Add a Heat Buff in Hot environment for Nuclear Weapons

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I think i’ll make this poll for iA to see how are the players feeling about the current Frozen environment

How do you feel about the current Frozen environment?
  • Really like
  • Like
  • Normal
  • Not really good
  • Hate

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The second:

Since Frozen environment is too easy that it can’t annoy the players, do you want to rework Frozen environment?
  • Yes, i want Frozen harder.
  • No, that’s enough for it.
  • Whatever

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