Improves gameplay convenient (maybe?)

(just an idea) I have a problem with switching types of spacecraft, switch satellite for the mission. Every time I do is a pain. I suggest adding fleet go with mission config (before fly mission for sure)? It will be more beginner-friendly (I guess) and a better experience for the user. If this accepts, I suggest 2 sections for fleet/mission config. (like press to fleet to swich to fleet, press mission config to swich to mission config). The area which is red and white can be a good position for the swich button


This will especially be useful for weapon switching, but the problem is the game also needs to check if the spacecraft is valid (it must have all necessary spacecraft parts and enough energy from reactor to support all of them). Hopefully there will be a way to do so without flooding the screen too much.


Maybe iA will add save and load save about what things u like, maybe?

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hopefully IA can do something… newbie just don’t read instruction =)) including me.
I had some struggles with the system, and I can sure newbie will have the same problem.

maybe? But sometimes things are just not like the way we expected…

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