Impressions, questions and remarks

Ok i played the game yesterday and today.
The things i like:+
+The new chickens are stronger than ever and dodging
+I see a new eggs who reminds me about my latest idea. @InterAction_studios Can you explain me when they explode and how they work?
+So much levels, planets, stars, but still no new levels.
+The customisation of the boss explosion and the atacks with the new colors.
? Can you tell me that in the future the level missions we will be IN the planet?
? Will the new levels be more than the old ones in the missions as a whole?
+Ok i bring my words about the background. In the game is very cool.
-The circle who @BCMediaPlayer mentioned. Its just hard to collect the food with this thing and not only.

  • The music… ITS FANTASTIC!
    Maybe i miss something but everything what i want to know is in the questions.