Imaginer chicken and thunder bird

first boss:just try it(imaginer chicken)
for a chicken that did not have the best parents, it is no wonder that it will always be in his imagination, even his attacks are from his imagination with the help of IR-505 (imagination reanimator-505)
BigChickenCIU (2)
this chicken has 4 attacks and he is in the bottom tier
first attack: it will fire 8 projectiles that look like they were drawn by a child
download (2)
second attack: same attack as the starting attack of ice golem only with lasers that look like they were drawn by a child
download (3)
third attack: will summon minions that act as a combination of assassin chickens and cowards that also look like they were drawn by a child
BigChickenCIU (4) download (5)
fourth attack: throw 4 eggs in the same order as shown in the picture
download (4)
this boss got so lost in his imagination that he made himself a mask and a cape that looked like a child had drawn them

second boss: electric shock
one of the first chickens to have the EATM 1005 (electric and thunder manipulator) is also one of the rare cases in which a female chicken is in the top tier
first attack: same attack as the starting attack of the ice golem
download (6)
attack: she will fire three thunders several times, and that’s it
download (7)
third attack: she will fire 4 electric balls that will be able to shoot lightning at you if you get too close to them
download (8)
fourth attack:she will throw an asteroid at you from a random part of the screen
download (9)
(don’t ask why it’s female and ChickenBlaster don’t even try)
third boss:strange alliance
it is quite rare to see a top tier chicken cooperating with a bottom tier chicken
I don’t have to explain this boss so much because it’s just these two idiots in one boss
they actually only have 1.5 attacks that I have to explain
0.5 attack: thunder bird will fire her first attack and after that the idiot will fire his second attack
download (10)
first attack: they will rotate together and shoot their projectiles (when you see the picture you will understand more)
download (11)
(no they are not a couple)


The first one is a bit challenging,
second is awesome!
and the idiot part is also good
awesome Idea.



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I’ve already done that with the last idea

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You can never have too much doot.

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