I'm Sorry


@EmeraldPlay I’m sorry.
That’s none of your business.
Because I gonna tell you something…
It was not me. That was not a good that you flagged it.
Then. I didn’t understand what Orandza saying this. If so. If you want to tell @Orandza wanted to play CIU put reply to tell @Orandza




I don’t quite understand.


Why are you still arguing even after saying sorry? Weird. And if you’re gonna do your quest of finding all of the wormhole, just update your old post and make a new post only after you have done your quest as a congratulation to yourself, making too many post for this is quite annoying you know


@EmeraldPlay, you need to understand, WE ARE NOT FROM USA AND NOT HAVE IQ 200, your discord, I USED SEARCH, But i didn’t find information about, How to get Hen Solo in Egg Cannon Confrontation.


Theſe are actuälly two unrelated facts. In my experiënce beïng from the USA does not in any way imply intelligence.


Yeah. Even more unrelated knowing that he’s not from USA.


He is polish and know everything about this game and even more. I remember that he is the first one that saw the moron railgun in the teaser and make a some kind of complainment about that, and all others were overwhelmed with excitement. For me, he is one of the most memorable and contributing players here. But that’s anothet story :wink:


Emeraldplay. Yeah. One of most valuable players of community


and what does that have to do with the topic


It has nothing to do with you and topic. But i remembered my anger when you said check discord and i didn’t find information. If i ask you How to extract TGA format from Chicken Invaders Universe you will write Check discord. Extractor found only 2 main theme song CIU


But you could have just asked me over there.