I'm pretty sure that this is an actual bug (not)

On the planet psi sangarius,on the mission magnificent sacralization,on the wave “lethal connections”,i found that the metallic eggs seem pretty buggy,especially with stream weapons,here’s what I’ve seen:
1.Some of the metallic eggs were very durable and strong,and very hard to destroy,meanwhile,some just have been destroyed more easly,a few even have been destroyed instantly.And i know that you can kill the chickens first,and that makes the metallic eggs dissapear,but i was aware of that,and it did happen,but what also happened is what i’ve explained before.
2.When you damage a metallic egg,it goes through 3 sprites,the normal green light,the yellow light,and the red light,wich all indicate how much health does the metallic egg have left…
When i was using the position stream,i was shooting the metallic eggs,and they had the normal amount of durance,and i could destroy them fairly easly,however…
Their sprites have not been going through the 3 sprites,and thats because they were stuck on the 1st one.
I’ve checked back on my evidence,and i actually discovered something else.
What i’ve seen is something different,i was using 2 stream weapons ,the position stream,and the electric fryer,and what actually could be the case,is that the stream weapons somehow damaged the chickens through the metallic eggs,even though i was directly firing at the metallic eggs,and since that the metallic eggs where very hard to destroy,that may explain why i’ve seen them dissapear when they only were on their 1st sprite state.
What im trying to say,is that i’ve been somehow damaging the chickens instead of the metallic eggs,even though i was aiming specificly for the metallic eggs…

I could be wrong about all of this,and i may not know the actual reason why what i’ve seen has happened thus far

also,excuse me on my grammatical errors,i know that there are alot of 'em.

there are two videos that could contain possible proof

What I’ve learned from what the replies have said,is that can we all agree on how weird the position stream is?
I think that its pretty weird how it can chain through the metallic eggs ,to the chickens,in such a strange manner.

The egg barriers, which are the strongest ones, goes to 3 sprites to indicate how much health it has, and they disappear because you killed the chickens first, also it damaged the chickens because the lighting fryer had something new called chaining, which kills multiple enemies, and positron stream can split into 7 beams, which is similar to the chaining of lighting, but has some perks, yeah i know it can mess up, but it’s intended.
Also they were strong because the easy way was to kill them and no lasers would appear.

It’s okay, we can correct your grammar and we can know what you are referring to.

If you wanna upload the video of what you wanted to report, upload it to youtube first then copy the link of your video then post it here in your topic.

It’s x10 stronger than a normal one, it’s not very necessary to destroy them

Those two weapons are called Positron Stream and Lightning Fryer, they have a chaining and splitting ability in CIU. In your case a beam must have chain/split into a chicken and kill it

It absolutely did that, watch the videos.

OP, you just killed the chickens, that makes the barriers disappear. Since you used Positron, that makes it split to nearby targets.


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