Im new i need help understanding

im new here Can someone tell me for what purpose can I use this platform to post stuff also can anyone tell me what are the rules and how I should behave here and can somebody tell me where I can find legendary parts like engines reactors? and also suggest me cool star systems

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Well, to understand the rules you should read the FAQ page: FAQ - Chicken Invaders Universe
and the TOS page: Terms of Service - Chicken Invaders Universe


Unique ship parts can be found in Heroware stores which can be located in some systems (looks like a building with a rocket on the roof). About cool star system, they all different. We know Bellerophon which contains all types of stores in it.


Read the rules and FAQ and enjoy your stay here :wink:, but any mistakes you do can get flags and this mean you won’t level up your trust levels, and if you kept getting it, so you can get banned, but don’t worry respect the FAQ and the rules and you are safe :+1:

Says the guy who literally broke the rules by bumping two topics and not knowing what it means as well as repeating what Francis said in the first reply.

Yes I did, all you did was make what Francis said more broken and hard to understand with your special way of speaking.

Except that you didn’t learn, and if you’re giving tips don’t just repeat what someone else has said and say something different. Also I don’t want your posts deleted, all I want is that you know how not to trigger someone by doing stuff like this and not just being ignorant about it. Those are one of the easiest ways to have a bad rep, trust me.


k , i don’t see francis triggered at all , go on topic btw


Some people are calmer than others and Francis is one of them. A lot of others however, aren’t and can easily be triggered (im one of them, so before you try to pull out a no u i publicly admitted it). That’s why, not everyone has the same personality trait.

Cheap way to ignore the blame.

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Can you guys continue this on DMs? The topic already been solved, this is pointless & useless now.


Meh, I think it’s finished already if Baron here understands the point. If he doesn’t however, I don’t even know what to say and will probably have to travel to outer plane of existence to know what to say.

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