I'm back!


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Fast comeback. I dont think for you miss someone for so little time.


You said you were no longer gonna be active and just come back after a few days? Ok…


I think it was less than 24 hours.


Lol! This guy…


I’m so weird. :neutral_face:


None of this makes any sense…
Why would you just say “i’m gonna be no longer active on this forum” and just come back after a few days? It’s not like someone needs to go and come after 1 day, are you lying or just joking or tricking us about this?
This is a really serious question.


tree hugger.


What does that mean?




Let me ask you a question.

From a logical standpoint:

Does it seem normal to you for a random person on a random forum to make a topic about them not being active anymore and then after like 1 or 2 days that same user makes a post about how he’s back? Please give some serious thought to this question from a logical standpoint and re-evaluate your actions.

Also, your current post makes absolutely no sense towards your last post about you leaving and not being active anymore again.


That is sooooo confusing, and you’re gonna render me dumb and useless now, which is why i don’t like you.


haha comic sans


Tbh this is all I have to say.


I can live with you not liking me, but it makes me laugh at the fact that you don’t like the people that you give a bad impression to.


Known peoples on forums open “I am not gonna active no longer” posts. Like our one true real Leader Lord @EmeraldPlay can do. But you aren’t known. So peoples like you or me wont be cared if left the forum.


Was this whole topic needed?


Well, you know the drill…
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Was this whole topic needed?


:crystal_ball: Yes


lol the bot said yes