I'm back(ish...)!

Hi! You probably don’t remember me or even don’t know me. I stopped being active half a year ago but I wanted to stop by and say hi! While being inactive here I was active in many other places. You could say I had my little adventure - from archiving flash games to entering a closed beta for a game!
Anyways, I wanted to know - what did I miss?
I’ll will take a first guess and say EVERYTHING


Juicest parts from the last 2 months:

  • A few tantrums;
  • The closing of all old topics;
  • A hentai spammer;

not much honestly

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Well, it was nice to chat again. See me in another half year!

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Some drama


Qbus and a bunch of other people including me were arguing with eachother what was allowed to be in off-topic posts and what counted as off-topic. Not really drama, just a badly handled discussion.

I remember you.
You didn’t miss much except some cool new updates, some drama, etc

what be the game

At least 5 meme topic were closed and the created another one due to off-off-topic discussions


I was inactive for a long time too. Hentai spammer? Nani? :smile:

Welcome back v6lori! There’s indeed been quite a bit going on.

  1. Hentai Spammer
  2. PacManVietNam acted very immaturely and got a few soft bans.
  3. Orandza and me disagreeing with stuff.

And here are some details regarding the hentai spammer incident:

  1. The whole thing started in 10th August. It was (probably) the 83rd post where it all began.
  2. There were like 8 accounts which were probably controlled by a single user.
  3. The images were pokemon hentai featuring Dawn.
  4. GgWw1175 started to post images of German tanks, tank destroyers, SPG’s, etc in efforts to drown out the hentai pictures It didn’t work,Nikito, Orandza and EmeraldPlay told the communtity to stop spamming their own images
  5. It turned into a full fledged war with many users making fun of the situation.
  6. It ended with the 162nd post.

You’re welcome BTW!

Did we really need these, though?

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Well, not really. I saw him like a few posts here and there, so I think he has just taken a back seat and doesn’t want to engage with us anymore :\


I wanted to help. And why are you so concerned? It’s just a joke.

Surprise surprise.


Was this necessary?

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