Idea: Wave Readjustments and Additions

Hello, this topic is my first actual idea, so if there’s any potential mistake, or there are already the same ideas made before me, feel free to reply below.

Readjustments: Double Team

Instead of setting it to 125%, when selecting 2 random bosses, this formula will decide how much the wave needs to zoom out.

Zf = Zc + Za


  • Zf: The final value.
  • Zc: The greater initial zoom value between 2 bosses.
  • Za: Range from 0% to 50%, specifically:
  1. Za = 50% if 100% ≤ Zc ≤ 125%
  2. Za = 25% if 125% < Zc ≤ 150%
  3. Za = 0% if 150% < Zc ≤ 200%

Example: Let’s suppose that the game decides us to fight with Crab 2.0 and U.C.O (any variants)

  • First, compare the initial zoom value: In their original waves, Crab 2.0 zooms out at 125% and all U.C.O zooms out at 100% (no zooming applied)
  • Hence, Zf = 125% + 50% = 175%. This Double Team wave will zoom out at 175%.

This is the only solution that I can make of in order to make every fights fair and square. If anyone has a more balanced formula, feel free to suggest it below.

Also this change is made so that Brother Reunited doesn’t become an easier Double Team.

Readjustments: Spawner Spinner

I personally find this wave very annoying, if not the worst to play. The hardest challenge is to go from one side to another side without touching the random flying chickens and the portals. In order to bring out a better experience, I propose the following changes:

  • Remove all barriers in the middle, place a Safe Zone at the middle and apply continuous rotation to the player. Optionally, you might want to re-edit how the portals enter this wave to avoid death accidents. The rest remains the same.

  • Another lame and lazy change is to just zoom out much more so that players have more space to cram under. Pretty uninteresting change which I do not recommend.

Readjustments: Egg Billiards

  • Given the inclusion of Chick Laser Gun, the name doesn’t quite make sense now. Hence, I think the change should be either remove them completely from this wave, or rename the wave to be more relevant. For me, though, I align with the former choice as they ruined the concept of this wave.

Readjustments: Armoured Division

  • This wave now only shows up below the difficulty of 35%. From 35% to 85%, allow me to introduce some variants I made.

New Waves: Armoury Fly-by

  • From 35% onwards, this wave will start to replace Armoured Division.
  • A safe zone is placed at the middle.
  • Armoured Chickens will slowly go from one side to another side, from the bottom to the top. If you remember Eggship Fly-by from CI3, you can see this wave happens the same way.
  • The harder the difficulty is set, the more frequent they will spawn. In the range of 35%-85%, at the lowest difficulty, it will spawn every 10s, and at the highest difficulty, it will spawn every 7s.

New Waves: Armoury Back-up

  • Though, I still want to introduce another variant of the previous wave. This is an advanced version of Armoury Fly-by, which only appear from 86% onwards.
  • In this wave, the screen will zoom out about 125%, while the Safe Zone will also be enlarged. The paths Armoured Chickens take will also be curvier so that there’s enough space for the player.
  • The layout is the same, except that now there will be two Chick Gatling/Laser Gun at both sides of the screen. They must shoot occasionally only once, simultaneously.
  • From 86% onwards, the frequency of spawning Armoured Chickens is always 7s.

New Waves: The Coward’s Way Out

Include a subtext: They sneak behind you and hide from you!

  • From 70% onwards, this wave will start to appear as an introduction to Coward Chickens.
  • A huge Danger Zone is placed at the bottom of the screen, where a pack of 4-7 Coward Chickens will slowly appear and fly from the bottom to the top and escape. The fact that how many chickens per group are chosen will depend on the difficulty, and this also affects the formation of a chicken group.
  • Same deal as before, the frequency of appearing ranges from 10s to 5s, depending on the difficulty.

Example of a formation of 6 Coward Chickens:

Alright! That’s all I need to share. Once again, feel free to give feedbacks and suggestions because it’s my first huge idea. Thanks for reading.


assassin cowards lol

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good idea. but i don’t think IA will add it in next update or no

well it took iA many updates before adding new waves (since he has more problems to solve) so that is totally expected

Good idea but not good time to say it

better to post it than left it forgotten

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