Idea to CIU

My idea is to remove the weapon upgrade function and reduce the number of misson slots. If the player unlocks all misson slots, the amount of equipment equipped is quite excessive. firepower should be able to equip misson slots instead of weapon upgrades, reducing the maximum number of misson slots that will force players to manage the amount of items used in each mission.

There’s an alternative:
You can just buy a new weapon and a new spaceship, in which all upgradeables are reset.

but that may be annoying for many people and i don’t want CIU to be too focused on the item upgrade function and become a p2w game :slight_smile:

Where you can see Pay2Win? There will be A LOT of things which you can put in mission slots later. That’s why there are a lot of them: in future, this will be enough for several things and this will not be overpowered. If it is, we will make бунт! (Sorry I’m lazy to go Google translate now)
UPD: “бунт” is revolt.

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but now the number of items that can be equipped is too much, in my opinion, reducing the number of misson slots and removing weapon upgrades will make the player really adjust the number of items they take depending on the level hard and the duration of the misson

Just don’t buy to much extra slot or make it empty

Removing weapon upgrades and having little slots… we still need some kind of progression system though, and with that in most missions you probably wouldnt even get to 10 power, let alone finish it on SSH.

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Yeah let’s just restrict the player because why the heck not