During last weeks.

  1. Key drop was Reduced, so players stop farming keys(its bored)
  2. Last update Key Points reduced to 0, i suppose to prevent players waiting for the 4 key drop on every wave not flaying away.

My suggestion is to remove Early Bird and picking order if the wave is restarted. My opinion is that its more boring to restart some waves 10+ Times till you get the Picking Order or till the right weapon will drop. In CI5 if you don’t get the Early Bird at the first try it was gone.

My idea for this. You wish to fight for Max Score record then you do that on the first try on the wave. Restarting the wave multiple times need the same time effort as farming keys, you just don’t see it on the timer because after every restart from the wave the timer starts as it is the first try.

You wish a High Score, start SSH with the weapon you need and play the mission without restarting, you mess up the Early Bird or the Picking Order you fail.

So will more new players having the chance to get the Medal for top 1 in daily/weekly event.

Thanks for wanting to make daily challenges even more frustrating


Restarting is currently a great workaround to the heavy dependency on Firepower RNG.
Also how would you handle people who genuinely disconnect or are having connection problems?


Good point Boggy, didn’t think about that.

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