Idea: Shield Generator

It’s an hardpoint that slowly, over-time creates a electromagnetic shield around the spaceship, absorbing one hit.
It will take 3 minutes to regenerate.
The shield could look something like this:
With all teh Hexagons being blue.
The symbol should be a stylized version of it.
It would cost between 750-1000 keys.
For a description, I don’t know. If you have some good suggestions, please share them.


I thought also recently about a shield hardpoint, but in form of protective orbs that orbit (duh) around your spaceship. You upgrade it to get more orbs to a max of 4, then they start spining faster and the last upgrade allows to projectile ricochet. Orbs also take time to regenerate, and the hardpoint itself and the upgrades are not cheap, something like your suggested price, give or take.
Won’t do anything against big targets like chickens (can’t send a chicken to fly away), big suns and stuff like that.

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