Idea: police ships

It may sound silly but I have an idea in my mind that in a world overrun by chickens when killing chickens on police sign levels the police siren will occasionally sound and police ships will appear behind us (not chasing) and shoot at us but give a warning before they do. In missions with more difficulty, we will encounter more police ships and more diverse police ships. Ships on easy difficulty will deliver a shock that stuns us. (it can stun a large area on chickens if we fake it) On normal difficulty, ships will fire 1 bullet from the weapon that can destroy us. (it can kill chickens if we fake it) On hard difficulty, every time ships shoot at us, they will fire 2 bullets and will shock us, and the most important feature will run at us to destroy us (if we fake it, it can hit the chickens and create a big explosion) And we can’t destroy police ships, we can only fake hard ships and cause them to explode. As a boss, a flock of police may come for these levels or a police chicken.

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So we are criminals for saving the galaxy?


No, this will only be for missions with a police sign, just like a droid raid. The bad cops will try to protect the chickens. these are ships captured by chickens


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