Idea: New Spaceship: M711-PI Traveller

Ever tired of the old M404-PI Deliverer? Well don’t worry, here is the new idea:
The M711-PI Traveller spaceship
-Better than M404-PI Deliverer
-Faster than the old one
-Size: Same like the M404-PI Deliverer
-Cost: 50000 Keys


I like this too but the pic should be HD

I cant…Because I borrow from abandoned game called Clash n Slash (this game abandoned for 6 years and no one even play it(for some reason))

@KiyanChickenFan I want to borrow ship because I like the style of the ship so I borrowed

That game is outdated and nobody plays it anymore now

@KiyanChickenFan I just hope @InterAction_studios could draw and bring this in this game

@KiyanChickenFan I really really like that ship

Well there already have cool spaceships in teaser #2 so they will not put it in the game or so. Just wait until they like your post

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And no need to metion me

Ok I hope they will (@InterAction_studios)

They might, we don’t know if they’ll like it or not

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And you don’t have mention me several times, it’s annoying, you know.

Ok sorry about that I won’t do that again

I my opinion interactio studios has better drawings than this… And I believe they can make a ship better than this. And I am sure a ship better than this will exist on CIU.


How much would the Traveller coſt?

Well about 50000 keys

Might be a bit too much…?

How about I decrease to 10000

I was actuälly joking…

Man Enkord are not good drawing at that game.I hope in this game the Interactio studio better than Enkord