Idea: Incrementative daily stipend

I guess you get what I mean.
So it’s like, normally you get 20 keys, if you log in the 2nd consecutive day you get 25 keys, the next consecutive day you get 30 keys and so on (just examples, maybe if this were the case you could start from a lower amount I think)
What do you think?


It would be nice to have a better incentive for daily logging in, though I think this should have a hard limit after a while so that the rewards don’t become too large.


Sure, it could cap after like 10 days or something.
Maybe after a certain amount of time the daily reward could be a special one (e.g. missiles, lives, small things like that)?

Ahem. Ahem. Excuse me, can you change early access to idea category?

Whoops. Fixed.

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