Idea: Improvements to the Galactic Cup

During the group phase of the galactic cup, I noticed that most groups always have at least 1 pilot inactive and therefore do not participate in any fixtures.

In order to minimize the chance of this happening, I suggest that in addition to having to be ranked in top-256 in qualification phase, all pilots are also required to login to the game and fly at least 1 mission every day after finishing the qualification mission. Those who do not fly any will be disqualified and the next pilot below top-256, who meet the above requirement, will be chosen instead.

Besides that, Galactic cup daily notifications should not only be sent via mail, specifically the events category; at least the “you qualified for the group phase” mail should be sent to notifications category (like when you ended up in top-10 of an event and receive a congratulation mail); a mark put in the galactic cup button itself similar to mail button while having unread mails (therefore also appear in the galaxy view map/"lobby) would do the trick

Look good, aren’t they?

Leave your comments below.


The comments: :skull:

(But i do agree with your idea tbh.)

Also the only reason for the inactive people is cause of school, and it sucks tbh.


As for the idea, I think it’s fine :+1:

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the newcomer likely wouldn’t stand a chance against the players in the group who are at the top and would have a few hundred points by then

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At least they are more likely to compete rather than having some empty spaces in the leaderboards

I would also apply that on contacts for new requests, missions for squad assignments, squad for squad request, and league in case someone challenges you ai we prevent those message deletions by clicking mark all as read

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not very bad idea -_-

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