Idea for a new mission type (again)

Hardcore Mode. In this mode, you can only use Superstar Hero and no mountable or special weapon.

(not for noobs, of course)


Update 10.2?
With a misión of 100% difficult and SSH its enough


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Hardcore mode for boss Levels “10.1” can be more best if add this :wink:

That’s not hardcore, that’s literally how I often play almost every mission.


Daily Challenge (Hard) +SSH = Élite Mission
Hardcore: Élite Missión ¬_¬

If add boss more crazy? Honestly, the bosses are to boring and easy, ¡i want to view chickenauts in The Yolk-Star™ and Hyper Brothers again!

OH F____, i can’t delete this post

This reply sound stupid but… does Harder difficult increase keys rate in mission?

YES, of course

Even chosed difficult like Turist, Rookie , Super Star Hero?

sorry for such inconvenience, but can somebody invite me to their squad? my username is Ladwith76iq (Somebody told me to ask in threads).

sure ill inv u my squad is Colossal

Thanks lad somebody else is doing that also im reseting my progress but thx.

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