Idea: Add Discourse accepted solutions

Above is the link to the “accepted solution” feature of Discourse (you can skim through it within 3 minutes, it won’t take that long to read). Most of them are messy source codes, but to sum up:

  • @InterAction_studios can enable the “accepted solutions” featured on any categories they want (although I recommend choosing only “Early Access” and “Site Feedback” because they have actual answers).

  • When the orginial poster, for example, post a bug report topic about the game, they will have the option to mark InterAction Studio’s “bug fixed - awarded medal” as solution, this automatically add iA’s answer to the top of the post as “:white_check_mark:Solved” so everyone can easily see, avoiding at least a few topic bumpers.

  • When new players come here and ask questions about the game, they also have the option to mark one answer that they think it is the best, and that answer is marked as “:white_check_mark:Solved” and featured on the first (top) post.

  • You can see your accepted solutions (answers) by choosing “:white_check_mark:Solved” in your profile page, which is not available yet.

  • Currently there are no Discourse badges for accepted solutions, and accepted solutions do not positively or negatively affect your trust level.


nice idea

Cool. Anything to reduce useless posts. Too bad that there’s no option to safely flag posts as off-topic because this forum is getting really messy.

Unrelated but, any chance to make the forums look more “alive”?
For instance, like this

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This capability has now been added to the “Early Access” and “Site feedback” categories.


Probably due to the Discourse default mechanic, I can’t accept answers on closed topics.

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