Idea about satellites

my idea is if you want to switch satellites places during play a mission if you press F1 your satellites will separate about spacecraft and you will take it and put it in the place that you want .known if this idea suggested give me the link and sorry

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I told you, you don’t need to say this part everytime. It’s even required by the ToS to link to the original idea if it was suggested.
Anyway, back to you idea, sounds like a good idea.

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thanks @minasam123

but i’m not good to search

First, try searching before you say “i’m not good at searching”.

i think my idea is good

use like button

I ran out of likes m8.

same you

already suggested lol

I’m not against the idea, but someone will argue “what if the player didn’t use mouse & keyboard? What if they use mouse only? What if it’s in mobile?” etc.

Adding another button is kinda complex if you’re remembering that issue.


@trueuser i think my idea not same this idea

i think the meaning is different

Yeah you made it hard to read as possible I couldn’t understand so

And why did you mention me, do you know reply button is enough to make me notified?

He doesn’t understand English.

F1 not a specific button

To whom are you talking


Considering everyone have an access a keyboard. A really focused player using mouse can sometimes forget that he has a keyboard.

“Oh no I’m on mobile where’s the F1 key???”

on your G-Board