[Idea] About players

  1. It would be if we could click callsign in messages to see player’s stats.
  2. You can add “<” & “>” butons when you click any player. FE: Ypu clicked someone near you, if you press “>” you will jump to another player who is further from you than previous one, “<” for closer one etc.
  3. I already suggested it before but it would be nice to have “Anonymus hero” instead of nothing and " — " in stats or rankings.

Do you mean in the forum? Impoſſible.

This ſounds like it’d be a nightmare to programme.

In the ſtats under “callſign” it makes ſenſe, as there is no callſign.

I think he means when you get an invite in-game

I dont think so, just looks for closest players to your ship. The problem would be how erratic the camera would be from jumping ships if the closeness zone would be in a sphere.

In the map you have a name. I think it would be good if you atleast got a anonymous in the stats so you know who you are looking at, especially if two guests compare to eachother. (They could identify with their #)

Oh right, if it were calculated actively…
Still, I’m not ſure it’s worth it.

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