Idea about how to Fix one CURRENT KNOWN BUG

  • Ninja chicks (and other evading enemies) can move outside of their protective bubble.

Attach Bubble to Sprite(texture), not to trajectory


What about deactivating chickens move in bubbles…

Or calling the bug a feature.

I tried looking into this, but I can’t get this bug to reproduce! All chickens stay inside their bubble. Was this fixed at some point?

Has anyone noticed this bug in the actual game during the last month?

Once. If you fly near ninjas they try to be close to you resulting this bug. Pirates don’t do that too much.

Ah, ok. Figured it out.

Bubbles work fine normally (as in “The Chicken Wobble” and “Chicken Rings” waves). It’s only “Bubble Bath” that has this problem.

Fixed in v.18
:medal_military: Bug medal

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