Ice Cubed New Attack

Maybe everybody knows Ice Cubed form CI5. But have new attack

This boss have Danger Zone in the center like Thundercluck, it assembles from the sides of the screen at the center and here is a new attack:

  • Chick Ring: Summon a ring of Frozen Chick, which it rotates around but you can detroyed this attack.
  • Comet Rain: Spawn Ice Comet from the top of the screen, these Ice Comet are destructible.
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What is the point of the boss which copies the behaviour of other bosses most of the time?


thats just the copy of Ice cubed
i mean every attacks are the same from CI5

They are just the same attacks from CI5. I think you don’t know what does Remastered mean. Remastered means new shape, new attacks, faster, etc.