IA should add Pomme (Weapon)


maybe 180 is better

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IA Normally adds stuff to the ones he likes and how is this supposed to look like and what damage of it?

It should be available only in elite missions

Explain the damage of it and how is supposed to kill these chickens and what firepower would go up to?
Same goes for this weapon of how much keys do you want to buy?

Name : Pomme
Base : Circular
Base Damage at 10 :zap:: 912
Base Damage at 20 ( Max Power ) :zap:: 1032

What about the keys?

It should be 765 Keys :key: unless you go to a store it should be in the store 432 keys :key:

How would the gift boxes of this weapon look like?

Like this


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Never heard of it

Sorry it was incorrect ignore it

20210212_024012 20210212_023741

Be more specific for this gift box, The box itself should be dark red and the ribbon itself is also should be dark green


This color is wanted now I remembered the colors of the gift :gift:

It’s almost identical to ci4’s plasma rifle and CIU’s Positron stream

why do you want to have my meme weapon added,, that thing had around 480 billion dps


this is as broken as ci72’s riddler

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Oh do you own this