IA Please fix these issues. Why do we have to buy everything with keys?

  1. Having to buy everything with keys .

Even changing the paint costs keys. Name any other game that charges you money for merely having to change the look of your vehicle ?
They should make it free and charge money only for special paints and special customisations.
For example, they can charge us money (a small amount) for changing shape pf the thrust trail and make it free to change the color of the thrust tail
I liked the customizability CI5 offered.
Having to buy everything with keys makes the store look cluttered and complicates the game

2.What happened to the burgers ( and chicken legs ) ?

IN previous iterations burgers were used to automatically refill your missile stock.
In CIU they only seem to be contributing to giving us extra points. Seriously ?
This makes the game ever more dependent on keys.
They should make it so that we can use burgers and meat as a secondary currency - for buying gas and for replenishing our stock of projectiles.
The above two things are not very economical when have to buy it with keys.
They can make ‘keys’ a premium currency and ‘chciken meat’ a secondary currency ( like gems and coins in many games ).
They can make it so that buying stuff requires keys while upgrading them requires burgers.

3.Extra Lives

Having to buy extra lives is even more damning. Why cant they work the way they did in previous iterations ?
Previously , we got extra lives in missions when we acquired a certain number of points.
They can do the same for CIU.
Why make life ( aka the game ) so hard for us ?
For example we start a mission with a certain number of lives and gain lives throughout the mission depending on its difficulty.


You can sell your food items at Space Burger stores, for keys in return. More food = more keys, simple as that.



This really gives off “this is a republic not a democracy” vibes. The person puts forward some very valuable points, that the game is indeed overdependent on keys. Coming to the person’s points:

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Once one buys a ship, customization should be free. In my opinion, apart from paintjobs (the patterns on the ships) and engines, everything else (aka color, shininess, etc.) should be free.

I put forward a potential system for that, as you can see in the post below. While I wouldn’t agree with a copy-paste of the system in the episodes (remember, CIU has more than missiles), I still think buying them with keys is an atrocious system.

I kinda… disagree here. I think starting lives should be determined according to spacecraft, and the extra lives you pack. For example, a H&C would start with 3 lives, whereas a Muller would start with 5, and a BX would start with 7. Any extra lives you take are counted. In my opinion, that’s more lives than anybody need for a mission, and would also give an incentive to upgrade to ships. The only flaw with this approach is that it makes Extra Lives in the Market kinda useless. On the other hand, you also wouldn’t want to remove them from the market completely, due to the existence of incredibly hard missions where you’d definitely need way more than 5 lives. All in all, this needs a great amount of thought to get right. One thing is for sure: the current system needs change.


May I remind you that in many games customisation is a paid feature? A quick example is NFS series. And you need to pay for the paint (in theory).


The fact that it exists doesn’t mean it’s good game design regardless of implementation. Besides, the cost of paint in NFS is pretty negligible compared to the money you pull in, whereas in CIU it can go up to hundreds of keys, where in most missions you pick up 30 or so.

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Yeah change every single spoiler, bumper, wheel paint and other cosmetic stuff on a single car and then repeat that it doesn’t cost that much.


Yeah still not as much as half a car. As much as a good engine? Maybe. But not as much as a goddamn car.

Thing with NFS is that you had to go to a shop to do it, which made the system engaging IMO. Paying for paint that appears out of the ether feels a bit rich to me.

The paint costing isn’t really that big of a deal on its own. The reason it feels so punishing is that literally everything, and I do mean everything costs keys, which makes it all a really bad system when compounded together.


If you had to unlock paintjobs and then keep them permanently, I’d be fine, but having to pay keys for JUST changing paintjobs, EVERY SINGLE TIME is horrible, let alone the fact that you have to pay for changing color, even if it’s for only a finishing tweak.

I’ve actually had to think about making a new boss just to add a coupon mechanic where you can paint ships for free within a limited time, eg: 1 hr, 3 hrs.


Another problem is that CITY is a cash centered game I am afraid to say

the what now

fun fact: you have to buy paint in real life to paint your car

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it’s a game about chicken in space

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Since it goes against the rule of cool, I’d ignore that.

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what is the rule of cool

it’s a rule that’s of cool

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Perhaps painting could charge you for only the first time you modify a category? So if you realised you picked the wrong shade of blue, you wouldn’t have to pay twice?

Or, having a 1 day timer for correcting flaws on your scheme, and after that it would count again as a fresh paint?

I do agree with you that painting can get a bit annoying in terms of grinding, neverless, we have to consider that this time it’s a fully online game, and it’s more expensive to mantain, so it’s natural that if it goes the free to play route, there’s more emphasis on monetization than other previous titles. The second suggestion I think it would be a fair middle ground. You don’t feel punished for getting a few fixes on your scheme, but if you later decide to respray the whole thing, you pay for it as normally would.


I disagree. The online game means a test for your skills and experience in the game but, you can buy it from unlockables any number :wink: before starting missions

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Umm you can sell the food collected at Space Burgers and earn keys, so in a way it does act as a currency

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