I would like a response to my question from the company

I want to ask: Will the winter mode be released? I want the answer as soon as possible. There is only one mode, which is summer. I hope it will be released. Will the game continue to be updated or will a new game be released? I want a response from the company that manufactured the game. Will there be partnerships with other companies? Will a new game be released? I want a response.

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Christmas Edition exists.

While there are ‘‘rumors’’ about the upcoming Chicken Invaders 6 video game, Chicken Invaders Universe will keep getting updated.

I don’t know?

I’ve already answered this question.

Are you in a hurry?


mentioned by @Starbrockle, Christmas edition exists already, that’s why its called seasonal content. The summer edition was the missing one and Halloween (fall) Christmas (winter) and easter (spring) exist.

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There are leaks on my words

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Winter feast



Winter Birthday. This image is the game server experience in old updates. They may add it the game In the old beta update, there is a role in the settings. You will find a file called Winter Holiday. I tried to open the file and some pictures appeared to confirm this.

how enjoyable would you rate it from 1 to 10 to make stuff up like this

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I don’t make things up like this. My rating for it is 10/10. I want to publish some pictures of old leaks that have been deleted from YouTube.